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Homes In Canada

Many homeowners in Canada are already enjoying the profound benefits of living in Maharishi Vastu.

“One thing I have noticed over the 8 years I have lived in a Vastu home is that there is an overall ‘lift’ in everything in my life – how cheerful I am, how healthy I feel, how much I sleep – and it doesn’t wear off.” – John Cowhig, British Columbia

View portfolios of pre-designed plans to see the wide range of options available. Once you choose a basic design, the style and layout can be modified to meet your desires.

“I travel a lot for work and I have found that the protection and nourishing feeling that I have in my Vastu home comes with me wherever I am. Of course, I am always eager to get back to my Vastu home where I can be fully energized and refreshed once again.” – David Clark, British Columbia

The photos on this page provide excellent examples of the variety of Maharishi Vastu designs that have been constructed in Canada. Contact us to find out how you can create your own Maharishi Vastu home.